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Air Max 95s


With more windows than my first apartment (and second one), the Air Max 95 took another very unique step towards standing out from the rest.

When you consider how boring sneakers had been until the late 80s, it’s no surprise that the hip-hop scene jumped on these sick fashion opportunities.

There are some colour designs that look very similar to the 97s, and it’s quite likely that the huge success of the 95s was the inspiration behind the 97s.

As far as I can tell, they were also the first Air Max sneakers that were actually named in some rap lyrics, but more on that below.


Inspired By Human Anatomy

According to Nike, Sergio Lozano was the designer that worked on the 95s. The name is not as important as the work he did.

Unlike several of the previous ones, the 95s design is based on the human anatomy. I know, my first reaction was my “I don’t get it” face. But it’s actually quite obvious.

If you look at the lines running along the sides, there is a very unique curve to them. And that curving is practically the same as the curvature of your spine. Unless of course you’ve been hunched over a keyboard for the last 20 years.

And to go with the look, there was also a unique touch to the air cushions that was meant to lower impacts on the feet and improve running posture.

Maximised Forefoot Cushioning

The first Air Max sneakers usually had two air cushions: one in the heel and one at the forefoot.

The 95s changed the forefoot design and essentially created two air chambers with equal pressure. The result was a better weight and pressure distribution that was aimed at improving the foot movement from heel to toe.

If you have a pair of the 90s and 95s, then try going for a run with one of each. I know, not the coolest look, but you really can feel the difference while running.


1995 Hip-Hop

As I mentioned above, the 95s are specifically mentioned in some cool lyrics:

50 Cent – Hate It Or Love It:

“That’s ten years, I told Pooh in ninety-five

I’ll kill you if you try me for my Air Max 95’s

Told Banks when I met him I’mma ride”

However, that tune was released in 2005, ten years after the 95s were released. Goes to show how cool they really are and what impact they still have to this day.


So what else was going on in the world of hip-hop?

2Pac released “Me Against The World,” but according to several of his close friends, this was the year when he was most productive with hundreds of new songs. Many of them didn’t get released until several years after he was shot and killed.

KRS One also released his second album (called KRS One), and this one was quite a big success. It made the top 20 on the US Billboard and hit number 2 on the hip-hop albums chart.





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