Air Jordan 6’s

Air Jordan VI: The Sneakers That Won The Championship

Year: 1991

Not only did the Bulls win the championship but they dominated the entire year. It was the second year under Phil Jackson, and he managed to put a team together that was unstoppable.

The Jordan 6s looked a lot different, and they included a lot of new design features. Yet again, this was due to the collaboration with Tinker Hatfield, and personally, I think these are one of my favourites.

Not just because I owned a pair when I was a kid, but they are just incredibly slick looking.

They were also becoming a lot more popular in hip-hop and pop culture, and with MTV really starting to take off, they were featured in numerous music videos and album covers.

First, let’s take a look at the design.

The Design

Apparently, Tinker Hatfield drew his inspiration from Jordan’s love of German sports cars. Over the years, he has owned numerous Porsche 911s, and it seems most likely that this is where the look comes from.

The heel tab looks a bit like the spoiler on the 911 turbo, and the vented sections look very like the window sections on a 90s 911. It was a very cool idea that gives them a totally sick look.

The Jumpman logo appears a lot lower down on the tongue, and the sole saw some very cool changes. Part of it was transparent revealing the pattern designs underneath.

There was also a reinforcement around the toe section to better protect the forefoot which can see a lot of direct impacts.

Overall, this was a highly successful design and one that featured in movies, album covers, and music videos.

MJs 1989/90 Season Highlights

Obviously, the biggest achievement of this season was the Bulls lifting the championship trophy. But it was their overall dominance in the year that is most outstanding.

They won 61 games in the regular season and basically waltzed through the playoffs, ultimately leading to MJ being named MVP once again.

Jordan averaged 31.6 points per game while scoring over 40 points in 11 games. His percentages were impressive too, with 53.9% of field goals and 31.2% of 3 pointers.

From start to finish, the season belonged to the Bulls, and it was going to be the start of many more impressive years.

AJ 6s In Hip-Hop Culture

The most iconic appearance these sneakers made is in the 1991 movie White Men Can’t Jump. It’s kind of a classic in both basketball and hip-hop circles, and I still watch it at least once a year.

The Air Jordan VIs also appeared on the cover of a hip hop album by Chi-Ali. It wasn’t a big hit, and it’s very difficult to find these days.

One of the more famous music videos to feature them is by Jay Z and Kanye West for the song called “Otis.” They are wearing retros of the 1s and 6s throughout the video.

The last time these were retro-released was 2017, so they are not as easy to find these days. However, if you do find a pair in your size, then jump on the opportunity. These are quickly becoming a true cult icon, especially in hip-hop circles.

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