Kanye West’s Yeezy Brand – One of the Most Talked-About Brands of 2022

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Undoubtedly the most alluded brand of 2022, Yeezy is the brainchild of the American rapper, producer, songwriter, and fashion designer Ye formerly known as Kanye West. Kanye is a passionate artist who is not afraid to pursue his dreams. In addition to his passion for music, he has always been a fan of streetwear, which led him to the world of sneakers. The performer-turned-designer has his own apparel collection, a range of footwear, and accessories released in collaboration with Louis Vuitton, APC, Nike, and Adidas. One of the most famous sneakers of all time, Yeezy Boost 350 was also released under the adidas and Yeezy label.  

The Yeezy Brand 

The Yeezy brand began in 2009 as a five-year collaboration between the Swoosh brand, Nike, and Kanye. Following the termination of that agreement, Adidas, the three-stripe brand, collaborated with Ye in 2013, releasing the first pairs in 2015, and the rest is history. The Yeezy brand has come to be associated with the release of the most anticipated and hyped sneakers, which are notorious for selling out in seconds. But, recently the 9-year-long turbulent journey with adidas has also come to an end due to Ye’s anti-sematic remarks. Now, the Yeezy brand will continue to operate under Ye’s sole dominion as he mentioned in an interview that he’ll go at it alone going forward. 

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The Yeezy Logo

All of the goods include the Yeezy logo. What most people don’t know and are interested in the Yeezy logo is that the logo is made up of simply one word: Yeezy. As in the Polish and Latin forms, a horizontal stroke complements the “Z.” Furthermore, when it comes to scaling, this sign isn’t like a typical “Z”—it alludes to “DZ,” another brand focus. The Yeezy logo represents Kanye West’s unwavering nature, particularly his passion and commitment. This is demonstrated by even corners, crisp edges, and tight lines. The geometric design perfectly complements the logos of the partner businesses.


Kanye West developed his first pair of Adidas sneakers in 2006, but they were never released. West officially collaborated with Bape, and introduced Bapesta “College Dropout” sneakers. He also went on to design shoes for Louis Vuitton, Giuseppe Zanotti, and, of course, Nike. He worked with Nike for five years, during which time he released the Yeezy I and Yeezy II sneaker designs which were released worldwide and you could buy Yeezy Australia in an instant that increasing sales by a lot. After the release of the Air Yeezy 2s in 2013, West stopped his cooperation with Nike. West was able to contact Adidas after quitting Nike, and thankfully, they agreed to pay royalties for his designs. As a result, West regarded Adidas as a collaborator who could assist him develop his brand. 

“These past two years, Adidas and Yeezy have given a glimpse into our future. This partnership illustrates that anyone with a dream can dream without limitations” – Kanye West Famous celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Rihanna, and Diddy graced the highly anticipated “Yeezy Season I” premiere. Similarly, “Yeezy Season II” and “Yeezy Season III” were huge successes following their first releases. Kanye’s family and friends quickly approved each new Yeezy footwear style, ranging from the bulky Yeezy Boost 700 to the court-focused Yeezy BSKTBL. This is evident on August 2, now known as Yeezy Day. 

Yeezy Footwear 

The first Adidas Yeezy 350 was unveiled in 2015 in the colorway “Turtle Dove.” There have been several more shades and patterns since then. The Yeezy 350 (or Yeezy Boost 350) is undoubtedly Kanye West’s most popular sneaker outside of his Nike days. The Yeezy 350 is arguably the most wearing, comfy, and wanted Yeezy shoe that Adidas and Kayne have created together. Keeping with the minimalist theme, these “Bone” 350 v2s appear to be a wonderful summer selection owing to their lighter weight and white Primeknit construction. These Yeezys, like the legendary 350s, are clad from head to toe in a light bone tone that should keep your feet as cool as possible in the summer. Furthermore, their simple form makes them highly flexible, which means they should be quite easy to mix with any color palette. One of the most famous silhouettes by the Yeezy brand includes the Yeezy Boost 350. 

Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 


Kanye’s collaboration with Nike gave birth to the Yeezy brand. The “Air Yeezy” and “Air Yeezy II” series were released by the duo; these high-top sneakers were hugely popular and are still very valuable and rare particularly the Nike Air Yeezy II “Red October” colorway. However, their collaboration ended after a few of these releases. When adidas learned of this, they approached Kanye with an offer he couldn’t refuse, giving him even more control over the Yeezy brand. Kanye collaborated with adidas to create his first low-top sneaker, the Yeezy Boost 350. This was his second collaboration with adidas, following the high-top Yeezy 750.

The Yeezy Boost 350 launched the brand into new territory, becoming an instant success. It quickly became one of the most sought-after and fastest-selling sneakers. The sneaker featured a mix of new materials and design elements, including a prime knit upper over a full-sized boost sole and a rope lacing system. While remaining one of the most comfortable shoes, this iconic design was a landmark of Kanye’s creative design.

The Yeezy Boost 350 first debuted in “Turtle Dove” and “Pirate Black” colorways, retailing for $200 in adult sizing. The brand also expanded its offering to include children’s and infant sizing.

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Yeezy Clothing Line 

Few fashion businesses have their own hype guy, but then again, few fashion labels have Yeezy, Kanye West’s artistic brainchild. Yeezy is West’s latest effort at a clothing brand, debuting at New York Fashion Week with a Vanessa Beecroft-staged show during the Fall 2015 season; an eponymous collection collapsed in 2011, and Pastelle before that. The Yeezy brand’s color palette mostly centers around earthy monochrome tones such as grays, browns, blacks, and oranges. His designs include second-skin tight and baggy clothes that completely engulf the body in holey knits and shearlings. The Yeezy Season I apparel was launched in October 2015. The clothing line included a ready-to-wear and pared-down look influenced by flesh-toned hues and military attire. Their costs ranged from $600 for a pair of sweatpants to $3,000 for a blazer. Unfortunately, the clothes collection did not sell as quickly as the footwear.

Kanye West said in an interview in 2018 that he was in talks with Louis Vuitton over a $30 million clothing contract. However, Louis Vuitton turned down the offer, placing West without so much as a clothing sponsor. 

The Adidas & Yeezy Controversy 

Adidas has terminated its collaboration with Kanye West, stating that it “does not condone antisemitism” following the rapper’s suspension from Instagram and Twitter for insulting tweets. Adidas has severed ties with Kanye West as a result of his anti-Semitic remarks. The company halted production of Yeezy merchandise and paid the rapper, citing recent “hateful and dangerous” statements. Adidas shares fell as much as 8% following the announcement, but have since recovered. The rapper has also dropped off Forbes magazine’s list of billionaires. The loss of the Adidas deal has reduced Ye’s net worth from $1.5 billion to $400 million.

Let us know what you think about adidas’s decision about dropping Ye, or is it an intentional move from his side to begin a solo Yeezy journey without any other stakeholder? 

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