Experience the Sensation of Running on Clouds with CloudTec

CloudTec, a patented technology developed by On Running, revolutionizes the running experience by providing a unique cushioning system that mimics the sensation of running on clouds. This innovative technology consists of hollow pods, aptly named “Clouds,” that compress both horizontally and vertically to absorb impact and propel you forward with each stride.

Unlike traditional running shoes that focus on correction, CloudTec prioritizes cushioning and adaptability. The hollow pods react to your individual movements, providing just the right amount of support and cushioning where you need it most. As you land, the Clouds compress horizontally, absorbing the impact and distributing the force evenly across your foot. This soft landing is then followed by a vertical compression that transforms your impact energy into forward momentum, propelling you forward with a feeling of effortless power.

Born in the Swiss Alps, On running shoes feature the first patented cushioning system which is activated only when you need it – during the landing.

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CloudTec’s benefits extend beyond the cushioning aspect. By reducing friction and harnessing balance and momentum, CloudTec helps to minimize muscle fatigue and lower your heart rate, allowing you to run longer and more efficiently. This technology also promotes a natural running gait, enabling your feet to move freely and adapt to the terrain.

On Running’s philosophy behind CloudTec is simple yet profound: to create a running experience that is both comfortable and empowering. The Clouds provide a soft, responsive cushioning system that mimics the sensation of running on clouds, while the focus on adaptability allows your feet to move naturally and efficiently. Whether you’re a seasoned runner or just starting out, CloudTec can help you unlock your full running potential and experience the joy of running like never before.

Benefits of CloudTec:

  • Soft and responsive cushioning
  • Reduces muscle fatigue and lowers heart rate
  • Promotes a natural running gait
  • Adapts to any terrain
  • Suitable for all runners, from beginners to experts

Overall, CloudTec is a game-changing technology that has redefined the running experience. With its unique cushioning system and focus on adaptability, CloudTec allows runners to unlock their full potential and experience the joy of running like never before.

Source: On Running
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