How to Store Your Sneakers?

One of the biggest challenges in building a sneaker collection is how you store the sneakers; perhaps even bigger than how you source them. In order to maintain a sneaker collection, you need to find ways to store them properly if you want to them look fresh and new. It not only lets you save space and keeps you organized, but it also extends the lifetime of your shoe.

sneaker and shoe storage tips
Sneaker Storage Ideas

If you own a few sneakers that you use consistently on daily basis, then it’s easier to manage them. However, it is still important you store them properly when you take them off to prevent creases and increase their longevity.

There are numerous ways of storing your shoes depending upon the size of your collection, type of shoes, and space availability. In this article, we’ll discuss different ways of storing your shoes with the things that are available in the market and some DIY tips on the shoe storage.

How to Store Shoes at Home: Storage Tips to Preserve and Protect Your Kicks

The most important step in storing footwear is identifying the correct shoe organizer for you. Let us show you the best ways of preserving your shoe to enhance its durability.

Put shoes on a wooden shoe stretcher for long-term shoe storage

Long-term shoe storage may look different versus fast shoe storage solutions. Shoes that haven’t been in use for over a week may require some structure. Shoe stretchers are a stylish alternative to keeping shoes in good shape when stored. Please use appropriate sizes so as not to stretch the shoes. Adjustable models allow you to tailor the fittings to optimize storage. When you insert shoe stretchers into your shoes, leave them to rest in their position for a few days after wearing them. Aside from this, a moisture barrier can be inserted into the shoe to avoid deterioration.

Use shoe trees for storing sneakers

Shoe trees are a great way of storing your sneakers. A shoe tree is a plastic or wooden insert loaded with a flexible spring that bends as you place it in your sneakers. They hold the original shape of the sneaker as you take them off until you wear them the next time. They prevent wrinkle formation and the effects of wear and tear.

This product does not have any use in long-term shoe storage. This is because any item that fits in shoes and distorts the silhouette could stretch leather uppers. Instead of using shoe trees for the storage of shoes, keep them for everyday footwear you use often or if you’re traveling. Shoes that you wear every day are perfectly suitable for a shoe tree. You may even preserve a shoe’s shape if you choose to put your footwear in pockets instead.

Use acid-free tissue to stuff the shoes

Another great long-lasting shoe storage alternative that you might try might be to stuff your shoe in an acid-free cloth. As highly absorbent materials, the acid-free paper maintains shoes’ optimum moisture and protects them against deterioration. For mid-term or long-lasting storage, choose acid-free tissue over the newspaper. Ink damages footwear permanently, and paper has no good absorbency capacity to absorb moisture. Unbleached muslin cloth can offer a great alternative to acid-free tissue to stuff your shoes.

Keep shoes in a climate-controlled environment

Climate control is best for shoe storage because extreme heat or humidity makes leather fragile and weakens textiles and causes glued adhesive elasticity. If you have enough room to store shoes in your home or apartment, you can invest in a climate-controlled unit near you. As the shoes decompose easily in the humid environment, but the dry environment also dries the shoes out.

A dry environment like humidity or heat can cause damage to the footwear. Natural folds and wrinkles that form over time are structural deformations. As materials age, they will stiffen. Hence, the climate-controlled unit is a great investment for storing huge collections of sneakers on a long-term basis.

Store sneakers in their original box

The easiest way to store a pair of shoes is to keep them inside their original box. It is an effective method of storing shoes that you wear regularly or if you’re planning to store them for a short period of time. Prolonged use of cardboard shoe boxes can lead to dehydration and oxidation problems. Regular rotation in pairs should ensure adequate exposure outside the box to reduce problems with storage. I like to arrange the included paper so the pair does not move. This keeps colors from shifting weirdly between shoes.

Pro tip:

Place dry packets/silica gel packets to absorb the moisture when you store sneakers in their original boxes. When you add silica packets they absorb excess moisture and keep the shoe from deteriorating.

Shoe storage boxes

Alternate options include replacing your original shoe boxes with plastic storage boxes. Plastic shoe storage boxes provide your shoes with maximum protection in a way that prevents dirt and sunlight from damaging them. Boxing old shoes and sneakers will help to preserve wrinkles and creases as much as possible.

Plastic Bags

Plastic bags are another shoe storage solution. If you want to store the shoe with no acid in it or prevent moisture, then plastic bags are a great shoe storage option on a budget.

Shoe racks and shelving units

Shoe racks are an effective way of storing your sneakers. They not only save space but also keep your sneakers in good condition. Shoe racks come in a number of styles offering different storage solutions. You can choose from floating or regular shelves, closets, or outdoor open racks. An open-face shelf or cabinet allows air to flow through your shoe, whereas closed cabinets keep your shoes safe from sunlight and dust.

Pro tip:

Shoe shelving is an ideal way to put sneakers and other shoes on a rack. Consider installing shoe racks in convenient places like the garage entry door or bathroom. This way people can easily take their shoes off and go into their homes. When a cabinet or rack is placed where it will easily be accessible, family members have no excuse for putting their shoes in their own place.

Shoe organizers 

Special shoe storage choices include wire rack boxes or hanging shoe organizers. These are good for short-term shoe storage, and the sneakers that you wear on regular basis.

Other Shoe storage tips and tricks:

Here are a few shoe storage tips and ideas to increase the lifetime of your shoes and make them look new and fresh.

Keep your shoes in rotation

Curled leather soles and crumpled toe-boxes are signs of old shoes spending too long in storage without addressing the needs of users. Don’t keep a pair of shoes sitting in the storage space for a long time. Hence, you should keep rotating your shoes and wear them regularly.

How to store your shoes while traveling

Sneaker storage during traveling can be a little challenging as you want to save space but keep your beloved shoes from being crushed and creased.

The best thing you can do to store sneakers while traveling is to stuff them. You can either stuff them with your clothes or your socks. If not, you can use shoe trees, even on the go.


Never forget to clean your shoes! One of the best things you can do for your sneakers is to keep them clean. Clean them right after you take them off, before putting them in racks or storage.

Sneaker cleaning wipes

Keep one or two wipes on you as you go about wearing your sneakers, and if you drop anything on them, just wipe them off instantaneously.

Waterproofing spray

Coat your canvas or other fabric material sneakers with the waterproofing spray before wearing them. It’ll keep them safe in case you spill anything accidentally.

Keep a handy sneaker kit

You can either purchase a sneaker cleaning kit or make one yourself. It will help you treat the sneakers instantly as they get dirty or when you take them off after they wear them for the day.

DIY sneaker cleaning kit

Make your sneaker cleaning kit at home with only a few items. You’ll need the following items to keep the sneakers neat and clean.

1. Regular and microfiber towels

2. A toothbrush and a shoe cleaning/polishing brush

3. Spray-on waterproofing

4. A cleaning solution and a tube of white toothpaste

5. Sponges

6. Wet wipes

7. Warm water

8. A pair of shoelaces

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