Nike Air Huarache – One of the Best Sneakers of All Times

The Air Huarache is one of the most popular sneakers in the world, and for a good reason. It’s been around for decades, as Nike has consistently released new colorways that keep us returning for more.

But before you add them to your cart, we advise you to learn a little bit about the sneaker, especially for Gen-Zers who will be experiencing the first Huarache wave. As a result, we’ve created this guide to educate you on everything from Air Huarache’s composition to sizing.

History of the Nike Air Huarache

The Nike Air Huarache has a unique story, to begin with. The process started when water-skiing enthusiast and shoe designer Tinker Hatfield created the first designs of the shoes with the pure intention to make running shoes that concentrated on the fundamentals. His initial sketches relied heavily on sock-like neoprene with no Swoosh to keep the shoe’s weight low and give it a subtle aesthetic. Hatfield’s first sketches were inspired by how he slipped his foot into a neoprene bootie on a slalom water ski.

When the sneaker was first introduced in 1991, it caused quite a stir in the market; however, the absence of the Swoosh made it less recognizable to Nike enthusiasts. However, the Air Huarache received positive feedback from marathon runners for its comfortability and functionality. The shoe’s well-known marketing slogan became “Have you hugged your foot today?” because of how well the neoprene cradled runners’ feet.

Being originally released for the runners, the Nike Air Huarache gained popularity in pop culture as well all thanks to Will Smith and Jerry Seinfeld donning pairs on-screen. World champion sprinter Michael Johnson also appeared in Nike’s advertisement for the sneaker.

Since its debut in 1991, the Nike Air Huarache has been updated to become lighter and more form-fitting.

nike air huarache australia history
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Why are these sneakers called Huaraches?

Huaraches are native to the Mexican states of Jalisco, Michoacán, and Yucatán. The word “huarache” is derived from the Tarascan word “kwarachi” from the Purépecha people of Jalisco. In English, this translates to “sandal.” It refers to the handwoven shoes traditionally worn by farmworkers and indigenous tribes. The Huaraches weaving method has roots in Aztec civilization and has been passed down through many generations.

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What is the Nike Air Huarache made of?

The Nike Air Huarache is a shoe that has been around for several years but is still popular among many running enthusiasts. The shoe is made from various materials that combine to create a comfortable and durable shoe.

The shoe’s upper part is made of mesh, leather, and neoprene. The mesh material allows your foot to breathe while running or playing. The leather and neoprene material gives the shoe some added strength so it won’t rip or tear easily while providing a comfortable fit around your foot.

A low-cut collar gives this sneaker an almost sock-like feel when you put them on, while the bootie construction allows for a more snug fit around your foot that locks your heel down securely as you run or walk around town. It also has a heel clip and minimal branding, giving it a slightly more minimal and authentic 1900s vibe. 

Are Huarache running shoes?

The Nike Huarache is not a running shoe. The Nike running shoes have RN on the box, the Nike training shoes have TR, and the Nike sportswear shoes have SW. 

Nike considers Huaraches to be sportswear shoes because they are packaged with SW. Therefore, huaraches are not typically considered running or fitness shoes, but you can still run in them, albeit for minimal distances. Alternatively, they provide ideal running experiences on common running surfaces, including sidewalks, fields, or soft dirt paths. But they are not the best when it comes to professional tracks.

Are Air Huarache shoes true to size?

The tight neoprene top hugs the foot for maximum lateral support, and the rear strap securely fastens the heel to keep your foot firmly planted when you’re moving. The toe box is also somewhat restricted. Keeping this in mind, we suggest sizing up for the most comfort.

These should be fine if you have narrow feet and are looking for comfortable shoes. If you have an average or broader foot, consider sizing up at least half a size.

It’s worth noting that Huarache stretches out quite over time and with wear. Don’t worry if they are too tight when you first try them on; they will loosen with wear.

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How to Style a Nike Air Huarache?

The Huarache is highly versatile. You can wear them with pretty much anything, from shorts to jeans. They look great with your favorite tee, too! If you want to wear your Huaraches with something other than a tee or a T-shirt, here are some ideas for how you can style them:

  • All-Black Look: The Huaraches look great in all-black outfits because they stand out against the dark background. It is an easy way to ensure that your sneakers don’t blend into the background.
  • Casual Look: Pairing your Huaraches with shorts and a simple T-shirt is one of the best ways to wear these sneakers casually during summer.
  • Sporty Look: If you want something more sporty, try pairing your Huaraches with a pair of track pants.

How to Take Care of a Nike Air Huarache?

The Nike Air Huarache is made of leather, mesh, and neoprene, which makes them incredibly easy to maintain. Use a wet cloth to wipe any dirt or debris; a microfiber cloth works well. Make sure to deep-clean your huaraches occasionally so they won’t turn yellow over time.

The Nike Air Huarache is a classic sneaker that has withstood the test of time, and it’s not just because of its classic design. It’s because this sneaker is so comfortable and stylish. Consider treating yourself to a pair because any shoe that has flourished for 31 years is bound to please.

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