Nike’s 2024 Sneaker Lineup: Your Comprehensive Guide to Every Confirmed Drop

On October 26, Nike made history by hosting their inaugural SNKRS Showcase on their acclaimed release app. It was not just a leak fest but a planned unveiling, with the brand choosing how and when they shared information regarding Nike’s 2024 Sneaker Lineup. 

This article serves as your go-to resource, detailing each confirmed release with detailed information, insights, and a glimpse into those shaping sneaker culture today and in the future. Get ready to discover a collection that transcends conventional boundaries while merging performance aesthetics and cultural relevance in a way only Nike can master.

Air Foamposite One Royal

Embark on a captivating odyssey through Nike's groundbreaking 2024 Sneaker Lineup, where legendary silhouettes are revived, reimagined classics emerge, and cutting-edge innovations redefine the future of footwear.
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Nike is taking an unconventional approach with its Foamposite releases. Lately, they’ve only put out select Foamposites each year, “International Blue” being one of them. Yet, an original Royal colorway will make its return later, as confirmed on the SNKRS Live feature by 2024!

What’s so significant? Well, first of all, the Swoosh has returned to its classic Dark Neon Royal look; additionally, its mid-foot carbon fibre shank will also sport black and blue for the first time—none have been seen since that iconic phone number advertisement back in 1997!

Nike teased us during their live stream by showing some sneak peaks of kicks along with Eggplant Foamposites that will be released this fall, 2024. Stay tuned, though; more photos and details should surface closer to the release date!

Dunk Low Revisited 

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Nike continues its dominating run on the Dunk Low model, and sneaker enthusiasts can look forward to its revival in 2024, starting with 2004’s legendary Silver Surfer release that won over collectors and enthusiasts alike.

As we explore our thrilling lineup, two more pieces from the CO.JP releases of 1999 are set to make an illuminating comeback: Reverse Curry and Ultraman are sure to excite.

As the wave of Dunk Low popularity continues to surge, these legendary colorways bring a perfect blend of nostalgia and modern style, reaffirming Dunk’s status as a timeless icon in the world of sneakers.

Nike SB DUNK LOW “City of Love”

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Nike recently teased us through leaks about their Valentine’s Day SB Dunks by unveiling them in October, informally named the City of Love Pack!

Dunk Lows will take centre stage this Valentine’s Day season, shining in charming light sail and deep burgundy colours that pay homage to the affectionate spirit of Valentine’s Day and the undeniable charm of the City of Love itself, Paris.

With great anticipation growing among fans of Nike sneakers, February 14, 2024, promises a special treat when this adorable duo debuts on shelves—perfect for celebrating romance while staying fashionable on the streets.

ACG Rufus Colorways

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The Nike ACG line, steeped in heritage and design innovation, will soon make an impressive statement, with five distinct silhouettes taking centre stage in 2024. Led by ACG Rufus, earthy green and brown colorways scream trail-ready functionality.

Next in the 2024 lineup is ACG Izy, featuring an elegant black colorway and a retro zip-up design reminiscent of yesteryear. This throwback presentation adds quaint charm while remaining contemporary, blending modern aesthetics and the ACG legacy.

Extending its offerings, ACG Exploraid arrives with its cool “Sage” hue to bring a rugged yet outdoor-ready style. At the same time, ACG Torre Mid shows its urban sophistication by appearing in “Olive Grey.”

Completing this ensemble is the ACG Mountain Fly 2 Low Gore-Tex in striking “Sage”. Not only will this enhance aesthetic variety within the collection, but its promise of advanced technology will underscore its commitment to performance and durability.

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Clogposite Colorways 

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Of all the Nike avant-garde offerings in 2024, the Clogposite stands out—a design that has left an indelible mark. Rumours circulated about a possible collaboration with Supreme; now Nike has confirmed their return of the Flightposite 1-inspired slide in 2024!

At the turn of this century, Nike introduced their Clogposite sneaker as an updated take on their Flightposite, with almost identical uppers and Foamposite technology introduced during the late ’90s. Following its debut, this model reappeared in 2014 under its initial moniker, Solo Slide. However, the Solo Slide title is being set aside for its upcoming retro release, as revealed through images shared during the brand’s latest SNKRS Showcase.

Nike Clogposite’s comeback couldn’t come at a more appropriate time, coinciding with an increasing interest in slides, clogs, and similar styles. It is officially scheduled to hit shelves again by 2024, with multiple colorways being offered so as to satisfy the aesthetic preferences of fans of all types.

Air SNDR Max Colorways

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Nike will bring back another piece from the past with their revival of the Air Max Sunder from 1999, reintroduced as the Air Max SNDR this fall of 2024. Following its brief reappearance through collaborations like that with COMME des GARCONS HOMME PLUS in July 2021, it makes its return in full form this time.

Air Max SNDR returns in classic “Deep Ocean/Gold/Deep Yellow”, the colorway that won over sneaker enthusiasts 25 years ago. Reintroducing this classic colorway pays homage to its roots while creating nostalgia among those who remember its debut.

Though much remains uncertain following its unveiling, such as specific design elements or features, we do know one thing for sure: the Air Max SNDR should hit retail shelves with an anticipated retail price tag of US$180 in the fall of the following year.

The Retro Collection

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Nike’s plan to bring back several classic favourites in 2024 will provide a refreshing trip through history. One such icon, the Footscape Woven, is back, sporting its distinctive design and comfort features in an eye-catching rainbow colorway!

Not to be outdone, Terra Humara from Undefeated’s groundbreaking collaboration will take centre stage as an anticipated release calendar item. Also, Nike is revitalising their iconic Pegasus collection with new life through the releases of classic Pegasus 2K5 models as well as modernised Pegasus Wave kicks in different colorways.

As if that wasn’t exciting enough, Nike’s resurrection of the LD-1000 after nearly 50 years will delight sneaker enthusiasts who have patiently been waiting. Nike will bring this vintage gem back for another nostalgic journey for sneaker enthusiasts everywhere!


Nike’s groundbreaking 2024 Sneaker Lineup showcases its commitment to innovation, collaboration, and cultural resonance through footwear design. Each confirmed drop tells its own unique tale, marrying cutting-edge technology with timeless design to forge a future where sneakers serve more than simply footwear; they symbolise creativity, self-expression, and style’s ongoing evolution.

Nike’s SNKRS Showcase marks a groundbreaking transformation in how we experience and anticipate sneaker releases. These iconic drops will leave an indelible mark on global sneaker culture as the year unfolds. Stay tuned as this exciting journey of Nike’s 2024 sneaker lineup continues to inspire and redefine contemporary fashion!

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