Everything You Need to Know About Ralph Lauren x Air Jordan 4 “Polo Pack”

Ever stumbled upon a pair of sneakers so fire you instantly craved them, only to discover they weren’t real? That’s the case with the Ralph Lauren x Air Jordan 4 “Polo Pack.” This luxurious concept has sneakerheads buzzing, but hold your horses – it’s a dream collaboration that hasn’t (yet) materialized.

Born in the Concept Lab

In 2019, Pete Michael of House of Heat’s Concept Lab cooked up this masterpiece. A self-proclaimed Ralph Lauren enthusiast and Jordan aficionado, Michael envisioned a unique marriage of luxury and athletic style.

He wrote:

This needs to happen.

I’ve been dreaming about making these in the Lab for a long, long time.

Here’s why:

Years ago, in another life, I used to manage a Ralph Lauren flagship store. I love everything about their brand — and I mean everything. Their epic campaign shoots, how Ralph redefined Men’s and Womenswear and mostly the left-field inspiration. I remember reading product books about how Lauren discovered old leather jackets from the 40s at an old ranch out west. Or how a single argyle design from a college logo could influence an entire collection. Lauren and the brand he created are masters of storytelling.

It’s probably why I feel this collaboration would work on so many levels. Sure, the two brands are worlds apart in what they offer, but the parallels between Jordan Brand and Ralph Lauren are eerily similar, in terms of product development, inspiration and storytelling.

– Pete Michael
Ralph Lauren wearing Air Jordan 14

The Design: Where Polo Meets Jumpman

The concept beautifully blends the iconic Air Jordan 4 silhouette with premium elements inspired by Ralph Lauren’s signature style. Channeling the effortless cool that both Ralph Lauren and Jordan Brand are known for, this “Polo Pack” reimagines the Air Jordan 4 with a stripped-down aesthetic. It’s a subtle homage to Ralph Lauren’s iconic Polo shirt, the foundation of his fashion empire.

The colorway keeps things clean and classic, featuring five core Polo hues – Navy, Yellow, Pink, Chatham Blue, and Red. Each iteration boasts a breathable Polo mesh cotton upper that sits atop a crisp white sole. Metallic accents – gold or silver depending on the colorway – add a touch of understated flair. Dual branding on the tongues and heels ties the collaboration together seamlessly.

The Ralph Lauren x Air Jordan 4 “Polo Pack”

Here’s what makes it stand out:

  • Luxe Upper: Ditching the usual leather or nubuck, this design utilizes a jersey knit upper, reminiscent of a classic Polo shirt, for a touch of unexpected luxury.
  • Metallic Accents: Each colorway features complementary metallic hardware for a touch of shine.
  • Co-Branded Tongue Tags: The real showstopper is the tongue tag. Imagine the iconic Polo rider logo on one side, perfectly paired with the Jumpman and a cursive “Flight” on the other. Pure sneakerhead satisfaction!
  • A Spectrum of Style: The concept offers five stunning colorways – Chatham Blue, Navy, Pink, Red, and Yellow – all featuring crisp white accents and a pop of “University Gold.”

Why We Want It to Happen

This concept is a stroke of genius. It merges the worlds of Polo’s luxurious sportswear heritage with the undeniable coolness of the Air Jordan brand. Plus, it’s no secret that Ralph Lauren himself is a Jordan fan, making a potential collaboration all the more exciting.

A Collaboration with Potential

While the Jordan Brand hasn’t picked up the concept (yet!), the buzz it’s generated is undeniable. Who knows? With enough hype from sneakerheads like you, this dream collab could become a reality.

The Final Word

Massive props to Pete Michael for this incredible concept! It’s a reminder that sometimes, the hottest sneakers start as creative ideas. Let us know in the comments below – which colorway of the Ralph Lauren x Air Jordan 4 “Polo Pack” would you rock the most?

Important Note: While this concept has generated excitement, it’s currently not a confirmed collaboration between Ralph Lauren and Jordan Brand.

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