What are the best sneakers for Netball?

Walk into any store and you will find a wall holding dozens of colorful shoes. So needless to say, finding the perfect shoe for yourself is not easy and when it comes to scouting the best sneakers for netball, there are many more factors to consider like durability, grip, and cushioning are just examples.

“If you were wearing a running shoe, the shoe could potentially collapse on the lateral sides because of the movement involved in netball,” says sports podiatrist and founder of A Step Ahead Foot + Ankle Care Dr. Brenden Brown.

What are netball sneakers?

Netball sneakers are designed to provide support and stability when changing directions. Although all netball sneakers appear to be the same, they are all designed and built differently. Some have a heavy-duty rubber outsole for added traction, while others are designed to look and feel like a cross trainer.

The best sneakers for netball are ‘court-specific’ shoes built to resist lateral movements that are necessary for court sports. When playing Netball, it is critical to wear activity-specific shoes to increase performance, reduce tiredness, and reduce the chance of injury. As a result, there is an increase in performance, satisfaction, and success.

Shopping for netball shoes, whether you want netball sneakers for women or men, are a pro netballer or a fan, can be daunting. Aside from size and color, there are numerous other essential factors to consider when selecting a netball shoe. The best netball shoes should protect your feet from shearing pressures as you jump or run on the court. If you are seeking the best netball kicks, look no further.

We investigated many netball shoes in 2021 and have now selected the best netball sneakers in 2022 on the market today. All of these are court shoes that have been built using cutting-edge technology to improve user performance and will last longer.

Top 4 netball sneakers of 2023

1. Asics Gel Netburner

The typical “go to” netball shoes are Asics gel netball shoes. Often regarded as the finest stable netball shoes on the market. For the player who places a high demand on their shoes, requiring greater durability and protection from the stresses that the lower limb is likely to face in netball.

Gel Netburner is an excellent solution for individuals who want to feel secure on the platform and avoid edge collapse. The Gel-Netburner Academy is ideal for netball players of all levels, particularly those searching for a lightweight and economical choice, and are known to be the women’s netball sneakers of 2022 because of innovative design components that decrease stitch lines and seams, the upper feels lighter than ever before.

Flytefoam offers comfort and stability, while Gel technology in the forefoot and rearfoot absorbs shock.

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2. Asics Netburner Ballistic FF

Asics netburner ballistic FF 2 women’s netball shoes, black and red are among the best available. Ballistic FF is combined with the GEL shock-absorption technology in the rearfoot and forefoot to reduce shear stresses on the foot when the ankle and heel strike the ground. This technique has one of the finest shock-absorbing capabilities.

It gives extra support and protection while playing and reduces the impact of jumping or landing hard on your feet throughout the game. The lightweight breathable mesh upper keeps you cool during warm-weather games, allowing you to focus on your game without fear of overheating! Do you require green netball shoes?

The model is available in a variety of shades and colors and you can buy Asics netball shoes online easily.

asics netburner ballistic ff 3 shoes

3. The Mizuno Wave Phantom

The Mizuno Wave Phantom is the most versatile netball shoe in the company’s lineup. Because of its molded sock lining and wave technology for lateral support and cushioning, it is lightweight yet incredibly stable.

This shoe is created for players of all skills and positions, so it will help you take your game to the next level regardless of your experience. With its neutral foundation and enhanced lateral support, it is one of the most modern shoes designed to offer exceptional outcomes in all netball-specific actions.

The air mesh top allows for maximum ventilation, keeping your feet cool and dry throughout the competition or intensive practices. If you are searching for a pair of shoes that will last, the synthetic overlays on the upper and the rubber sole will be ideal.

mizuno wave phantom 2 shoes

4. Gel Netburner Super GS

For young professional netball players, the Gel Netburner Super GS is an excellent all-around shoe. The footwear, like the other shoes in the ASIC brand lineup, provides superior stability and durability.

This shoe is built to resist the most extreme situations while still providing exceptional performance. The air mesh material in the front allows for unrestricted air circulation, keeping the foot cool and dry.

The FlyteFoam midsoles act as a shock-absorption mechanism, giving the shoes a bouncy and lightweight sensation. One of the greatest netball shoes for the center court is the Netburner Super GS.

This shoe is stylish enough that your kid will want to wear it off-court as well and comfortable enough that they’ll be able to do just that.

asics netburner sneakers

Let us know what are your favorite Netball sneakers in the comments below.

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